The Idea of creation Dogma was impregnated by the special spirit and clear goal. Since its foundation, the brand’s task has been to find the best solutions for customers, to provide excellent service, and quickly adapt to market changes. Dogma products represent the company’s philosophy based on the following principles:
Quality – the reliability of the manufacturer is an important component of the success and sustainability of the company. A real partnership has been established with several world-famous factories. The distinctive features of Dogma partners are unprecedented flexibility in the approach of producting development, excellent service, quality control at all stages of production. The factory products have all necessary quality certificates from countries of origin.

Uniqueness – for the most complete satisfaction of customer needs, the products of Dogma are divided into three series, each one has its own unique features:

  • Dogma Smart is the highest quality at available price. This series will interest customers who are used to plan the budget, but are not looking for compromises between price and quality. All products of this series are manufactured in the same factories as premium products of Dogma.
  • Dogma Elegante the distinguishing characteristic of this series are passion to the nature accuracy, natural elegance and accuracy of lines. Decorative elements are always accurate and concise, so they create space filled with purity of lines and beauty of shapes.
  • Dogma Project Antibacterial products are porcelain tile of the highest quality for floor and wall cladding, both indoors and outdoors exterior. Suitable for all types environment requiring special conditions hygiene, guarantees of cleanliness, safety and simplicity service.
Innovation – innovative design and technology are the integral parts of Dogma. Using the latest technological modes of production allows us to expand the range of products indefinitely. The company’s designers, together with manufacturers’ technologists, work every day to create new textures, color effects, and embossed surfaces.
Demand – looking at latest design trends, at the same we follow an individual approach to each sales market and each customer. Realizing that demand creates supply, the company’s specialists carefully study the needs of our customers. As the result, we offer innovative and complex products and solutions. Our passion is to help to achieve their goals for business owners and professionals.
Eco-friendly Dogma partners successfully implement innovative, energy-saving technologies at their enterprises and provide constant monitoring of all processes of ceramic tile production, showing respect for people and taking care about our planet.