New collection – Invisible Solid

Dogma offers its interpretation of Invisible Solid marble with the similar name, known for its timeless dynamism and grandeur. Each tile of the collection tells its own story, taking the observer on a journey through the ages where the beauty of marble was celebrated and used as a symbol of power and refinement. Invisible Solid shows the interplay of different shades and stains that intertwine in a complex ornament of rich lines from graphite to gold, turning any space into masterpiece. It is excellent for rooms where you need to create an atmosphere of eternal luxury and greatness. Dogma’s advanced production techniques allow to create the look and tactile feel of natural materials with an accuracy that questions the distinction between human creation and natural wonder. Invisible Solid collection is a part of the Dogma Project Antibacterial (DPA) series. This tile has antibacterial properties, complies with ISO 22196:2011