New collection – Ural

Dogma presents Ural collection as a tribute to the uncontrollable energy of nature contained in the natural elegance of basalt. Color shades and patterns of various sizes and shapes remind natural variety of volcanic rocks. The rough texture with soft relief provides a discreet but distinctive presence. Ural Titanio, with its deep, rich color, conveys all the expressiveness of volcanic stone, reflecting a strong character and sophisticated industrial aesthetics. It is excellent for projects that seek a balance between authenticity and modernity, with a strong visual presence and uncompromising quality. Ural Platino – features neutral shade and ability to softly diffuse light, creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Its pure, icy tones sparkle with restraint and elegance, offering a virgin canvas for variety of design experiments. Ural collection is a bright solution, ideal for modern spaces that want to touch the urban style. Ural collection is a part of the Dogma Project Antibacterial (DPA) series. This tile has antibacterial properties, complies with ISO 22196:2011