New collection – Patagonia

Dogma Patagonia collection is inspired by quartzite from Brazil and brings all the intensity and mystery of its origin. The surface of Patagonia Gray slabs exactly reflects the shades and depth of natural quartzite, creating the effect of a natural collage or an abstract map of unknown lands. Cream-colored fragments stand out sharply against the background of gray, beige and tobacco shades. Rare black inclusions, like precious stones, scattered on the tiles surface, attract an eye with their extreme contrast. A masterpiece from the Dogma team, Patagonia Ice captures the essence of restless nature, perfect for creating a bold focal point in modern, elegant spaces. The design, consisting of crystals of various shades from sky blue and ash gray to black, creates the atmosphere of a winter fairy tale. This slab is the ideal choice for those looking to give their space a sense of airy elegance and prestige. Patagonia collection is a part of the Dogma Project Antibacterial (DPA) series. This tile has antibacterial properties, complies with ISO 22196:2011