Dogma surface types

Dogma offers its products with five surface options, all of them has its own special aesthetic and exploitation characteristics. Silk Natural’s modern sophistication, Levigato’s impressive brilliance or Natural’s authenticity – each shows its own personality and ensures uniqueness of the project. Below you will find a description of the surfaces that inspire our customers to explore Dogma delicacies:

Levigato surface is a perfectly smooth mirror surface and a characteristic “color depth.” Due to its ability to reflect light, it visually increases space. It is often used to give the room an effect of sophistication and luxury.

Matt surface looks discreet and soft, creating a natural perception of space. Interiors with such materials allow you to create calm and relaxing atmosphere. Matt surfaces are more practical for everyday use and don’t show scratches or fingerprints.

Natural surface emphasizes the individuality of the material imitated by the slabs. Recreating the effect of natural wood, marble or concrete it will have distinctive marks, patterns and relief characteristic of genuine samples. The texture is felt with a light touch and perfectly repeats natural pattern.

Soft surface has a light velvety shine, emphasizing the individuality of original material. Providing excellent pattern detail it is used to recreate materials with the most complex texture. The products are pleasant to touch and easy to care for.

Silk Natural – soft polishing of tiles is distinguished by a delicate shine. This manufacture emphasizes the natural beauty, tactile and aesthetic sensations of noble initial materials. The surface also has a barely noticeable relief that gives it a handmade effect. This outstanding feature adds originality to each individual tile, distinguishing it from the mass-produced product.