Cersaie 2021 Trends

An exhibition of ceramic tiles Cersaie 2021 passed in the last week of September in the Italian city of Bologna. In 2020 Cersaie, was canceled due to a pandemic for the first time in history. We want to share with you how this has affected the new products in the ceramic industry and design trends that been shown by manufacturers.

We have to note that all participants of the exhibition carefully approached the design of new products. There are no incredible, bright and unexpected collections this year. The preference is given to a time-tested design. Among the trends of Cersaie 2021 are an imitation of stone, concrete, wood, marble. Let’s consider each trend of the Cersaie 2021 trends. 


After the bright, colored marble that had great success at the previous exhibition in 2019, manufacturers decided to ‘relax’ on the more calm design of stone imitation. Factories presented a big variety of the ‘stone’.

  • Stone with a mottled pattern, with multicolored embossments that look like an interpretation of terrazzo.

  • Stone in dark shades of gray and black, with a pattern of veins and a relief surface that enhances the realism tile design.

  • Stone with a more active pattern of veins, looks like marble, is made in shades of gray and beige.

  • Stone with a slight pattern of veins, looks like sandstone or shell. Such material is performed in light shades of gray and beige colors.

  • It should be noted that classical travertine again becomes a trend against the background of increased attention to imitation of stone.


Certainly, imitation of concrete and cement is not an innovation. This material has gained popularity and every year just strengthens its position. Cersaie 2021 was no exception because almost all manufacturers presented concrete. Concrete is presented in the gray tint traditional for this material, and in colored versions, among which prevail beige, white and black, terracotta.


Porcelain tile in the form of an imitation of wood becomes so realistic that it really cannot be distinguished from a real wooden board. The tiles are presented in natural of wood – from light beige to dark chocolate. The pattern of wood is so high-quality that it was sometimes difficult to distinguish it from a real wooden board on the manufacturers’ stands.


This year among the novelties, prevailed collections imitating white marble with veins in shades of black-gray and brown-beige, as well as colored stones in bright and pastel tones. However, imitations of spectacular and colorful stones become a lower priority in comparison with previous exhibition.

Let’s summarize

Trends in ceramic tiles and interior design will be natural materials in calm, natural shades, in the nearest future. Manufacturers pay attention to minimalism, neutral and basic materials for decoration emphasizing eco-themes. Porcelain tile imitating of marble, stone and concrete in various versions comes to the fore.